SPACES – The Art Science Gallery

In ALL, SPACES by Alex Pedersen

The Art Science Gallery is described as an art gallery and science communication space dedicated to exhibiting fused art/science works. Known for being the first its kind in the United States, The Art Science Gallery provides “a friendly environment to make science more accessible to everyone through science-related visual arts exhibitions, foster the careers of emerging and established artist-scientists and to provide professional development opportunities for scientists to become more engaging public communicators.”


Founded in 2012 by Dr. Hayley Gillespie, The Art Science Gallery offers 14-week internships to aspiring art/science creators, short courses and workshops exploring science and art, science communication workshops, custom classes and one-on-one consulting. The gallery prides itself on environmental consciousness, as well as being locally owned and operated.

The Art Science Gallery is a public space located in Austin, Texas. Their website hosts online teasers highlighting their exhibitions and online gallery space. Since opening, The Art Science Gallery has hosted over 500 science-inspired artists.

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