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Name: Paola Gracey

Which came first in your life, the science or the art?

Art, always excelled in it at a young age.

Which sciences relate to your art practice?

My degree is in Chemistry. Chemistry is everything to me and it’s my muse. I incorporate it in my artwork whether I add chemical structures of things I’ve worked or researched, experimenting with different mediums, carrying out basic chemistry, documenting experiment details and all observations so that I may replicate the physical and chemical conditions in order to accomplish my artistic goals.

Paola Gracey4

Paola Gracey3

What do you use to create your artworks?

Anything I can get my fingers on: resins, fluorescent/glow in the dark pigments, glitter, acrylics, additives the list can go on and on….

Paola Gracey10

Paola Gracey2

Paola Gracey9

Paola Gracey8

Paola - Solid Phase III 24x24x1.5

Artwork/Exhibition you are most proud of:

Commissioned mural for the headquarters of the famous design firm in New York City, Saatchi & Saatchi.

Paola Gracey12

Is there anything else you want to tell us?

I love to do what I do, incorporating my two passions – art and science!

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Paola Gracey1

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