BITS – Vasily Kandinsky’s Geometric Abstract Art

In ALL, BITS by Julia Krolik

Russian painter Vasily Kandinsky¬†is credited for creating the first abstract artworks. Kandinsky’s aesthetic is characterized by several artistic periods spanning his career, including his teaching position at the Bauhaus in Germany from 1922-1933.

During his time at the Bauhaus: “Kandinsky’s works again underwent changes: individual geometrical elements increasingly entered the foreground, his palette was sated with cold colour harmonies which, at times, are perceived as a dissonance, the circle is used differently, as a sensual symbol of perfect form.” – Oleg Ku

In this post, we feature Kandinsky’s geometrically-influenced works.

Around the Circle | 1940

Composition X | 1939

Reciprocal Accords | 1942

Composition VIII | 1923

Succession | 1935

Composition IX | 1936

Dominant Curve | 1936

Various Parts | 1940

Unequal | 1932

Shallow-Deep | 1930

Thirty | 1937

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