BITS – Cells of Life by Kathleen Sluka

In ALL, BITS by Cat Lau

Kathleen Sluka is a neuroscientist rekindling her love of the arts. When she is not researching ways to improve chronic pain treatments, she is at home painting her next cell-inspired masterpiece.

“As an anatomist, I realized that the body and cells are beautiful and should be shared. While I have focused on neurons, which in my opinion may be the most interesting and beautiful cells in the body, I have also painted other cell types including blood cells, fibroblasts, and chondrocytes.” – Kathleen Sluka

In this post, we take a look at the intricate cells of life through her acrylic paintings.


Growing Bone


Purkinje Cells

Shadow Self Portrait

Signal Relay


You got nerves


Cells of strength

Cancer Cell

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