BITS – Mini Series by Beauty of Science

In ALL, BITS by Cat Lau

Created by filmmaker and photographer Wenting Zhu, Mini Series leaves us awestruck as we are propelled into the microscopic world of chemical reactions. This project is among many other captivating films from Beauty of Science, a studio that creates inspiring content for science education and outreach.

“The microscope can be used not only for scientific observation, but also for artistic creation. I mixed pigments with other chemicals in a small petri dish, recorded their movements and shapes through the microscope, and found that within each tiny spot lies another hidden world of complexity.” -Wenting Zhu

In this post, we take a look at a series which highlights the crystallization process of aluminum (MINIGOBELET I), ammonium chloride in red pigments (MINIGOBELET II), the mixing of blue and white pigments with alcohol (MINIGOBELET III) and a mixture of different liquids (MINIGOBELET IV).





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About the Author
Cat Lau

Cat Lau

Cat is a science communicator. Despite being formally trained as a behavioural neuroscientist, Catherine has let her artistic side flourish in an effort to communicate science in a creative manner. Drawing inspiration from neuroscience and her own research, she has created mixed media pieces that were winning entries at Laurentian University’s ICEBATS (art and science) competition and Newfoundland & Labrador’s Arts and Letters Awards Program. Catherine has harnessed a diverse skill set through experiences in science writing, educational programming, exhibit design/prototyping and digital media production. Her interest in using art to communicate science has inspired her research in Canadian art-science organizations and programs. Ultimately, she hopes to develop resources that will contribute to the growth of art-science collaborations and science culture. Twitter: @scicommcat