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In ALL, BITS by Alice Fleerackers

Microscopes meet Indigenous art in Stories & Structures – New Connections, a new exhibition touring through Australia until March 2019. The show weaves together micrographs of natural phenomena with stunning paintings by Indigenous artists from across the country, revealing unexpected and striking similarities. The two sets of images, both of which are used to pass on knowledge and shape our understanding of the natural world, reflect and refract each other, offering a new look at our surroundings.

A selection of pairings are available below. Find out more about the exhibition on The Conversation or at Microscopy Australia.

Birnoo country (artist Gordon Barney) and white ochre
Witchetty grub dreaming (artist Jennifer Napaljarri Lewis) and moth sperm
Brush-tail possum dreaming (artist Judith Nungarrayi Martin) and ribosomes
Sandhills dreaming (artist Vanessa Nampijinpa Brown) and atoms in quartz
Gathering bush tucker (artist Kerry Madawyn McCarthy) and gum leaf cells
Dry River bed (artist Kurun Warun) and blood flow in a fish eye
Skin (artist Joshua Bonson) and collagen fibrils
Water dreaming (artist Lola Brown) and river red gum

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