• Canaries sitting in branches inside a pair of lungs
    CREATORS - Kate MacDowell
  • Keel-billed toucan with black and yellow body and multicolored beak
    CREATORS - Divya Anantharaman
  • CREATORS - Tina Gorjanc
  • Drawing of a rounded rock covered with varying green/yellow lichens
    CREATORS - Rose Sanderson
  • Lines of green fading into orange then back to green rise in parallel to form a spike then drop back down
    CREATORS - Simón(e) Sun
  • A streak of dark contamination runs vertically through virtual grains of sand.
    FEATURES - Between the Sand Artwork
  • Sand column used in Cole Van De Ven's experiments. Thin layer of sand pressed between two glass plates
    FEATURES - Between the Sand Residency
  • Embroidery hoop containing different barks and fur embedded into honeycomb
    WORKS - Honeycomb Collection by Ava Roth
  • Starbursts comprised of clear plastic that looks like icicles and mesh made of metal
    BITS - Meander by Philip Beesley
  • Embroidery showing a synapse with green dots being transferred from one neuron to another over a small gap.
    CREATORS - Hannah Warming
  • Round cutout of Jupiter's moon Europa on black paper. Europa contains branching streaks of orange-brown, blue, black, and gray.
    WORKS - Paper Planets by Jamie Molaro
  • The Botanical tapestry, which shows a colorful world map and displays threatened flowers and corals.
    FEATURES - Vanessa Barragão's Sustainable Seascapes
  • Feathered vertical stripe pattern made of different colors
    CREATORS - Tyler Hobbs
  • Black and white portrait of a woman in profile, with a collage of cells in the background.
    CREATORS – Okunola Jeyifous
  • WORKS - Journeys to the Chemical Elements by Eleanor Johnson
  • Multicolored green beadwork shaped like a dumbbell
    CREATORS - Sharl G. Smith
  • WORKS - Segmentation Series by Jiyong Lee
  • Person reaching upward toward icicle-shaped objects hanging from the ceiling
    SPACES - D.C. Art Science Evening Rendezvous
  • CREATORS - Tianyue Su
  • Image of person wearing mask made of cell structures
    BITS - Coronavirus CellPAINT Contest
  • Geometric circle structure made of shiny gemstones and metals in rings
    CREATORS - Jasmine Virginia
  • Multicolored dark night sky with bright rings of dots as the stars. There's a small person in the corner looking at the night sky.
    FEATURES - Native Skywatchers
  • Plastic tubes standing upright with yellow liquid.
    CREATORS – Louise Mackenzie
  • Round clay slab with leaves imprinted into it. In the background are the leaves that were pressed and a knife.
    CREATORS – Hessa Al Ajmani
  • mushroom sculpture by science artist xiaojing yan
    CREATORS - Xiaojing Yan
  • FEATURES – Exploring Life Through SciArt
  • Rainbow-colored brain made of fabric with different textures and patterns. Contains dragonflies. Brain is viewed from the side.
    CREATORS – Laura Bundesen
  • Cicada with purple crystals growing from it's body
    CREATORS – Tyler Thrasher
  • Orange sound wave that exponentially increases in size from left to right. Screenshot from Audacity Sound Editor.
    WORKS – SonoraV19 by Robert Jarvis
  • Catie stands in a dark room in front of a large robot. Still from OUTPUT project.
    FEATURES – Dancing with Robots
  • WORKS – Botanical Translations by Kelly Pastorek
  • larger striped Pacific octopus with its tentacles extended outward.
    CREATORS – Bridget Vincent
  • A gray scribble layered on top of a light blue square. The background is made of multiple faded yellow prints.
    CREATORS – Tina Pressler
  • Slice of the spinal cord that looks somewhat like butterfly wings. The "wings" have a thick white outline and various shades of blue with lighter and darker dots in the center.
    CREATORS – Greg Dunn
  • Hands pulling apart chromosomes as they separate in a cell
    CREATORS – Beata Mierzwa
  • Green, pink, purple, and orange lines and splatters fill the image.
    CREATORS – Allen Hirsh
  • Spela Petric Artwork
    FEATURES – Špela Petrič's "Life In The Terratope"
  • FEATURES – Zach Lieberman's Future Sketches
  • Two square plates with their corners close together diagonally. They each depict astronauts in space trying to hold onto a rope to connect them.
    CREATORS – Amy Rae Hill
  • Multiple embroidery pieces of different neurons in black that are part of Stitching Hew's 100 Neuron Project.
    CREATORS – Lauren Hewitt
  • CREATORS – Yamina Pressler
  • WORKS – Lindsay Olson's "Sounds in the Sea: The Art of Ocean Acoustics"
  • WORKS – Marshal Clark's Art of the Gods
  • CREATORS – Julio Lacerda
  • CREATORS – Franz Anthony
  • CREATORS – Julie Alice Chappell
  • CREATORS – Vance Williams
  • CREATORS – Nicholas Bezio
  • CREATORS - Andrew Carnie
  • Blue liquid droplets on a bacterial colony that looks like a grey fluffy cloud
    FEATURES – Vineetha Zacharia’s Colourful Actino Art
  • science art sculpture: a white fragment suspended in the air
    WORKS – Ross Quesnell's Vestiges
  • CREATORS – Chloe Russell
  • kate gravett
    CREATORS – Katherine Gravett
  • WORKS – Art's Work in the Age of Biotechnology
  • natural sciart by hillary waters dayle
    CREATORS – Hillary Waters Fayle
  • CREATORS – Lia Pas
  • CREATORS – Adrienne DeLoe
  • BITS – Wild Things at Museum of Vancouver
  • WORKS – Gunther Lill's Art4Heart
  • colourful sciart
    CREATORS – Rogan Brown
  • abstract sciart by vesna jovanovic
    CREATORS – Vesna Jovanovic
  • knitted bar chart illustrating co2 levels over time
    CREATORS – Rickie van Berkum
  • sviart installaton at Collisions Festival
  • image of a moth proboscis
    CREATORS – Igor Siwanowicz
  • sciart featuring a plastic surgical hand
    BITS – Bodies
  • sciart by anne mondro
    CREATORS – Anne Mondro
  • CREATORS – Tahani Baakdhah
  • sciart by noah bressman
    CREATORS – Noah Bressman
  • sciart bt vera skezic
    CREATORS – Vera Scekic
  • Film still by Walter Scott
    FEATURES – Fermenting Feminism
  • scientific illustration by Ilka Bauer
    CREATORS – Ilka Bauer
  • sciart by Karen Gustafson
    CREATORS – Karen Gustafson
  • SPACES - UCLA Art|Sci Center + Lab
  • BITS - Field of Sound by Fabian Oefner
  • Olafur Eliasson
    BITS - Olafur Eliasson's Space-Themed Works
  • CREATORS – Donna Hamil Talman
  • WORKS - Catching the Light
  • Cara Gibson's decomposition gif
    CREATORS – Cara Gibson
  • BITS – Her Story 2019
  • het glazen huis exterior
    FEATURES – Waiting Room
  • BITS – Exploring Abstract Insect Landscapes of Levon Biss' Microsculpture
  • Blue amonite drawing
    CREATORS – Steven Gawoski
  • A compilation of Frankenflora by Katrina Vera Wong
    CREATORS – Katrina Vera Wong
  • Installation shot of Eden at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, SenseSurround Exhibition, October 7 - Novermber 7, 2004.
    CREATORS – Jon McCormack
  • A series of photographs hanging in a hallway
    BITS – Gladstone Grow Op Exhibition 2019
  • Tibi Chelcea Cover
    WORKS – Circuit Floorplan
  • BITS - Microbiology inspired SciArt
  • a black and white image of chematosis (artwork)
    CREATORS – Rozan Vroman
  • sci art by michele banks
    CREATORS – Michele Banks
  • sciart by Elaine Quave
    CREATORS – Elaine Quave
  • artwork
    CREATORS – Rebecca Kamen
  • CREATORS - Marnie Blair
  • The Bedrock Gardener
    FEATURES – The Bedrock Gardener
  • BITS – Bring to Light
  • FEATURES - Convergence Exhibition 2019
  • An Instant Instant at Science World
    BITS – Project Instant V6.0
  • A closeup of a crocheted lily pad by Angela McQuillan
  • Pangolin IX
  • Labsapes exhibit
  • CREATORS - Sarah Friend
  • CREATORS – Joseph Carr
  • 3 panels from the Skin and Bones exhibit
    FEATURES – Skin & Bones
  • crocheted coral reef sciart
    CREATORS – Vanessa Barragão
  • Fara Peluso conducting an algae workshop at State studio
    BITS – Living Canvas at STATE Studio
  • four panels of vibrant blue abstraction
    BITS – Duality by Jody Rasch
  • Orca Dreams Sciart By Ilka Bauer
    WORKS – Orca Dreams by Ilka Bauer
  • A dark shadowscape populated by strange, fungal forms
    CREATORS – Madge Evers
  • A selection of works by Dove Allouche hanging on display at the CAG
    BITS – Negative Capability by Dove Allouche
  • BITS - Stories & Structures – New Connections
  • Image of painting.
    WORKS - WUNDERKAMMER by Renee Robbins
  • BITS - Happy Halloween SciArt!
  • BITS - Mini Series by Beauty of Science
  • WORKS - Herman Kolgen's ISOTOPP at MUTEK Montreal
  • WORKS - Bee Works by Sarah Hatton
  • FEATURES - Science Rendezvous
  • BITS - The Matrix of Water by SaySay.Love
  • CREATORS - Nicole Clouston
  • WORKS - SciArt Illustrations by Andreas Samuelsson
  • Creators - Julia Buntaine
  • FEATURES - SciArt Center's EmBodied Virtual Exhibition
  • Features - Screened For by Elaine Whittaker
  • Creators - Larissa Blokhuis
  • BITS - Cells of Life by Kathleen Sluka