• WORKS – The Immeasurable Space by Amie Esslinger
  • A colourful painting sits in the distance in the middle of a dark landscape. The sky is dark and has pink planets floating overhead.
    FEATURES – Other Skies: An Exoplanetary Festival
  • Image of syringe, round vehicle in which mRNA is carried, and antibodies that look like boat propellers. Text at the top says "Vaccines" and at the bottom says "Your body on antibodies."
    CREATORS - Morgan N. Marshall
  • Rectangle that says "Stop Asian Hate"
    Stop Asian Hate
  • Rusted boat propeller with small barnacles growing on it
    WORKS - (de)composed by Judith Klausner
  • A person stands on a stage in front of a microphone. Their back is to us, they are facing an audience. The room is dimly lit with red- and blue-toned lights.
    FEATURES - The Story Collider
  • Square light brown plate with blue edges patterned with various plankton drawn in dark blue
    CREATORS - Duygu Özpolat
  • Three girls dancing while holding clear umbrellas
    FEATURES - STEM From Dance
  • Neurons made with watercolors
  • Bee made of lighter and darker colored copper wire
    CREATORS - Charmaine Lurch
  • HIV Transmission Through Breastfeeding (thesis), 2019
  • WORKS - Growing Concerns by Almudena Romero
  • Painting-Astro
  • Pop-art style cell. Pink, blue, and yellow shapes form a quarter of a circular cell.
  • Canaries sitting in branches inside a pair of lungs
    CREATORS - Kate MacDowell
  • Keel-billed toucan with black and yellow body and multicolored beak
    CREATORS - Divya Anantharaman
  • CREATORS - Tina Gorjanc
  • Drawing of a rounded rock covered with varying green/yellow lichens
    CREATORS - Rose Sanderson
  • Lines of green fading into orange then back to green rise in parallel to form a spike then drop back down
    CREATORS - Simón(e) Sun
  • A streak of dark contamination runs vertically through virtual grains of sand.
    FEATURES - Between the Sand Artwork
  • Sand column used in Cole Van De Ven's experiments. Thin layer of sand pressed between two glass plates
    FEATURES - Between the Sand Residency
  • Embroidery hoop containing different barks and fur embedded into honeycomb
    WORKS - Honeycomb Collection by Ava Roth
  • Starbursts comprised of clear plastic that looks like icicles and mesh made of metal
    BITS - Meander by Philip Beesley
  • Embroidery showing a synapse with green dots being transferred from one neuron to another over a small gap.
    CREATORS - Hannah Warming
  • Round cutout of Jupiter's moon Europa on black paper. Europa contains branching streaks of orange-brown, blue, black, and gray.
    WORKS - Paper Planets by Jamie Molaro
  • The Botanical tapestry, which shows a colorful world map and displays threatened flowers and corals.
    FEATURES - Vanessa Barragão's Sustainable Seascapes
  • Feathered vertical stripe pattern made of different colors
    CREATORS - Tyler Hobbs
  • Black and white portrait of a woman in profile, with a collage of cells in the background.
    CREATORS – Okunola Jeyifous
  • WORKS - Journeys to the Chemical Elements by Eleanor Johnson
  • Multicolored green beadwork shaped like a dumbbell
    CREATORS - Sharl G. Smith
  • WORKS - Segmentation Series by Jiyong Lee
  • Person reaching upward toward icicle-shaped objects hanging from the ceiling
    SPACES - D.C. Art Science Evening Rendezvous
  • CREATORS - Tianyue Su
  • Image of person wearing mask made of cell structures
    BITS - Coronavirus CellPAINT Contest
  • Geometric circle structure made of shiny gemstones and metals in rings
    CREATORS - Jasmine Virginia
  • Multicolored dark night sky with bright rings of dots as the stars. There's a small person in the corner looking at the night sky.
    FEATURES - Native Skywatchers
  • Plastic tubes standing upright with yellow liquid.
    CREATORS – Louise Mackenzie
  • Round clay slab with leaves imprinted into it. In the background are the leaves that were pressed and a knife.
    CREATORS – Hessa Al Ajmani
  • mushroom sculpture by science artist xiaojing yan
    CREATORS - Xiaojing Yan
  • FEATURES – Exploring Life Through SciArt
  • Rainbow-colored brain made of fabric with different textures and patterns. Contains dragonflies. Brain is viewed from the side.
    CREATORS – Laura Bundesen
  • Cicada with purple crystals growing from it's body
    CREATORS – Tyler Thrasher
  • Orange sound wave that exponentially increases in size from left to right. Screenshot from Audacity Sound Editor.
    WORKS – SonoraV19 by Robert Jarvis
  • Catie stands in a dark room in front of a large robot. Still from OUTPUT project.
    FEATURES – Dancing with Robots
  • WORKS – Botanical Translations by Kelly Pastorek
  • larger striped Pacific octopus with its tentacles extended outward.
    CREATORS – Bridget Vincent
  • A gray scribble layered on top of a light blue square. The background is made of multiple faded yellow prints.
    CREATORS – Tina Pressler
  • Slice of the spinal cord that looks somewhat like butterfly wings. The "wings" have a thick white outline and various shades of blue with lighter and darker dots in the center.
    CREATORS – Greg Dunn
  • Hands pulling apart chromosomes as they separate in a cell
    CREATORS – Beata Mierzwa
  • Green, pink, purple, and orange lines and splatters fill the image.
    CREATORS – Allen Hirsh
  • Spela Petric Artwork
    FEATURES – Špela Petrič's "Life In The Terratope"
  • FEATURES – Zach Lieberman's Future Sketches
  • Two square plates with their corners close together diagonally. They each depict astronauts in space trying to hold onto a rope to connect them.
    CREATORS – Amy Rae Hill
  • Multiple embroidery pieces of different neurons in black that are part of Stitching Hew's 100 Neuron Project.
    CREATORS – Lauren Hewitt
  • CREATORS – Yamina Pressler
  • WORKS – Lindsay Olson's "Sounds in the Sea: The Art of Ocean Acoustics"
  • WORKS – Marshal Clark's Art of the Gods
  • CREATORS – Julio Lacerda
  • CREATORS – Franz Anthony
  • CREATORS – Julie Alice Chappell
  • CREATORS – Vance Williams
  • CREATORS – Nicholas Bezio
  • CREATORS - Andrew Carnie
  • Blue liquid droplets on a bacterial colony that looks like a grey fluffy cloud
    FEATURES – Vineetha Zacharia’s Colourful Actino Art
  • science art sculpture: a white fragment suspended in the air
    WORKS – Ross Quesnell's Vestiges
  • CREATORS – Chloe Russell
  • kate gravett
    CREATORS – Katherine Gravett
  • WORKS – Art's Work in the Age of Biotechnology
  • natural sciart by hillary waters dayle
    CREATORS – Hillary Waters Fayle
  • CREATORS – Lia Pas
  • CREATORS – Adrienne DeLoe
  • BITS – Wild Things at Museum of Vancouver
  • WORKS – Gunther Lill's Art4Heart
  • colourful sciart
    CREATORS – Rogan Brown
  • abstract sciart by vesna jovanovic
    CREATORS – Vesna Jovanovic
  • knitted bar chart illustrating co2 levels over time
    CREATORS – Rickie van Berkum
  • sviart installaton at Collisions Festival
  • image of a moth proboscis
    CREATORS – Igor Siwanowicz
  • sciart featuring a plastic surgical hand
    BITS – Bodies
  • sciart by anne mondro
    CREATORS – Anne Mondro
  • CREATORS – Tahani Baakdhah
  • sciart by noah bressman
    CREATORS – Noah Bressman
  • sciart bt vera skezic
    CREATORS – Vera Scekic
  • Film still by Walter Scott
    FEATURES – Fermenting Feminism
  • scientific illustration by Ilka Bauer
    CREATORS – Ilka Bauer
  • sciart by Karen Gustafson
    CREATORS – Karen Gustafson
  • SPACES - UCLA Art|Sci Center + Lab
  • BITS - Field of Sound by Fabian Oefner
  • Olafur Eliasson
    BITS - Olafur Eliasson's Space-Themed Works
  • CREATORS – Donna Hamil Talman
  • WORKS - Catching the Light
  • Cara Gibson's decomposition gif
    CREATORS – Cara Gibson
  • BITS – Her Story 2019
  • het glazen huis exterior
    FEATURES – Waiting Room
  • BITS – Exploring Abstract Insect Landscapes of Levon Biss' Microsculpture
  • Blue amonite drawing
    CREATORS – Steven Gawoski
  • A compilation of Frankenflora by Katrina Vera Wong
    CREATORS – Katrina Vera Wong
  • Installation shot of Eden at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, SenseSurround Exhibition, October 7 - Novermber 7, 2004.
    CREATORS – Jon McCormack
  • A series of photographs hanging in a hallway
    BITS – Gladstone Grow Op Exhibition 2019
  • Tibi Chelcea Cover
    WORKS – Circuit Floorplan
  • BITS - Microbiology inspired SciArt
  • a black and white image of chematosis (artwork)
    CREATORS – Rozan Vroman
  • sci art by michele banks
    CREATORS – Michele Banks
  • sciart by Elaine Quave
    CREATORS – Elaine Quave
  • artwork
    CREATORS – Rebecca Kamen
  • CREATORS - Marnie Blair
  • The Bedrock Gardener
    FEATURES – The Bedrock Gardener
  • BITS – Bring to Light
  • FEATURES - Convergence Exhibition 2019
  • An Instant Instant at Science World
    BITS – Project Instant V6.0
  • A closeup of a crocheted lily pad by Angela McQuillan
  • Pangolin IX
  • Labsapes exhibit
  • CREATORS - Sarah Friend
  • CREATORS – Joseph Carr
  • 3 panels from the Skin and Bones exhibit
    FEATURES – Skin & Bones
  • crocheted coral reef sciart
    CREATORS – Vanessa Barragão
  • Fara Peluso conducting an algae workshop at State studio
    BITS – Living Canvas at STATE Studio
  • four panels of vibrant blue abstraction
    BITS – Duality by Jody Rasch
  • Orca Dreams Sciart By Ilka Bauer
    WORKS – Orca Dreams by Ilka Bauer
  • A dark shadowscape populated by strange, fungal forms
    CREATORS – Madge Evers
  • A selection of works by Dove Allouche hanging on display at the CAG
    BITS – Negative Capability by Dove Allouche
  • BITS - Stories & Structures – New Connections