BITS – Stunning Images from the Wellcome Image 2016 Awards

In ALL, BITS by Julia Krolik

“The Wellcome Image Awards are the Wellcome Trust’s most eye-catching celebration of science, medicine and life. The Awards recognise the creators of the most informative, striking and technically excellent images that communicate significant aspects of biomedical science. The winners are selected from all new images acquired by Wellcome Images during the preceding year. Judged by a panel that includes experts in science communication, medicine and biomedical science, the Awards showcase the best in science image making.”

The Welcome Image 2016 Awards Winner’s Gallery features 20 images.

Here are our favourites below:

Wiring the human brain – Alfred Anwander, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences


Human stem cell – Sílvia A Ferreira, Cristina Lopo and Eileen Gentleman, King’s College London

Bacteria on graphene oxide – Izzat Suffian, Kuo-Ching Mei, Houmam Kafa and Khuloud T Al-Jamal, King’s College London


Moth scales – Mark R Smith, Macroscopic Solutions


Maize leaves – Fernán Federici, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and University of Cambridge


Inside the human eye – Peter Maloca, University of Basel


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