BITS – Anthony Howe’s Incredible Kinetic Sculptures

In ALL, BITS by Alex Pedersen

Since 1989, Anthony Howe has created larger than life genetic wind sculptures. Originally upcycled from discarded elevator cables and other metals, Howe fashioned unwanted scraps into mesmerizing sciart creations. Today, his works are showcased all over the world, including Italy, Saudi Arabia, New York and beyond.

In his wind sciart statement, Howe writes:

“Kinetic sculpture resides at the intersection of artistic inspiration and mechanical complexity. The making of one of my pieces relies on creative expression, metal fabrication, and a slow design process in equal parts. It aims to alter one’s experience of time and space when witnessed. It also needs to weather winds of 90 mph and still move in a one mile per hour breeze and do so for hundreds of years.”

Octo and Barneys Christmast Window

Anthony Howe

About Face

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Neptune’s Nugget

Anthony Howe

In Cloud Light III and Trefoil

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Octo 3


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