Bits – Crystal Microscopy of Beer

In ALL, BITS by Alex Pedersen

Have you ever wondered what your beer looks like under the microscope? Scientist Michael W. Davidson did:

“In the 1990s scientist Michael W. Davidson pioneered new techniques in his laboratory at Florida State University (FSU) for photographing alcoholic beverages under a polarized light. The work was an extension of his expertise in crystallization and microscopy. The resulting images presented beautiful abstract renderings and were first offered as a popular necktie collection. Nearly a decade later entrepreneur Lester Hutt happened across Davidson’s spectacular image collection and decided to found BevShots in order to bring this unique mash-up of art and science to the masses.” – BevShots

Here is a collection of their crystal microscopy below:

German Light Lager

BevShotsCanadian Ice Lager

BevShotsChinese Lager

BevShotsGinger Beer

BevShotsNear Beer

BevShotsGerman Pilsner

BevShotsAmerican Pale Ale

BevShotsJamaican Lager

BevShotsSt. Louis Light Lager

BevShotsFrench Pale Lager


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