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Keith Cottingham is San Fransisco based artist. In his work Below the Visible, Cottingham fuses computer graphic rendering with photography creating a series that showcases elements of both technological and organic aesthetics.

“On the surface, these minimalist compositions touch on imagery from biology and cosmology. Yet there is a other worldly, brilliant seduction to these large-scale photographic prints. Bold energetic colors, narrow depth of field and time-lapse motion create emotional under tones. Light feels acidic, bleeding through and activating subjects in new ways. Condensation and liquid represent form and spirit infusing out of emptiness. Some images are warm with wonderment, while others are coldly still. Unlike the everyday subjects of the previous Fictitious Portraits and Utopian Interiors series, these new CG renderings operate outside human scale. Are we inside living cells or floating amongst the stars

Instead of light photons revealing a outside world through a lens, these pure renderings go beyond photography to objectify 3D representations not tethered to real world referents. The 3D scenes, materials and lights are sculpted and designed, but how their physical properties interact with each other to create an image is based on real world physics.  This divergent approach allows going beyond real world limitations to create artful ‘visualizations’ blurring the distinction between imagination and reality.” – Keith Cottingham











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