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Chicago based artist Renee Robbins draws inspiration from nature and the cosmos, blending both micro and macroscopic perspectives in her striking and colourful paintings.

“I create detailed environments that offer a place to consider our complex relationship to nature and the cosmos. Life presents enchanting explorations through tiny cells, flowering botanicals, rare specimens, brilliant carnivals, and celestial bodies. I position hybrid flora/fauna within a space that simultaneously evokes the deep sea and the cosmos. Moving between the real and imagined, my painting process brings together microscopic and telescopic viewpoints. Quantum particles have their own set of guiding principles, such as in atoms, where electrons and protons cannot touch each other. It’s impossible to observe this happening with the naked eye. In a similar way, black holes are guided by their own set of rules and principles. No one has actually seen a black hole or quantum particles but there’s evidence to suggest their existence. By creating associations between things that are seemingly disparate, like stars and plankton, the work presents a question or sparks a curiosity about the world. In this way, my paintings respond to biodiversity, in order to bring an understanding or build a connection with our sense of place in the natural world.” – Renee Robbins

Particle Rings


Hieroglyph Carousel


Born To Multiply, 33" x 24 1/2", acrylic on canvas


Navigating the Rings of Saturn


Satellite of Love

Holographic Frontier

Up and Up

the longest salt swell


Under Moon

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