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Pablo Garcia Lopez draws from his neuroscience education to create these amazing mixed media artworks. He described his artistic process below:

“In general, my scientific formation allows me to have an experimental approach to art making. Being a scientist helps me to create models of work, in which experimentation is an essential part of the process and the experience. Having a neuroscientific background allows me to see the process of art making and art perception from a holistic perspective; consider the aesthetics, the concept, the historical background, the visual perception and other sensory perceptions.”

Lopez told Art the Science that the works below are related to metaphors used in explaining and researching the brain by the Spanish neurobiologist Ramón y Cajal, who is considered the father of modern neuroscience.

“If we did not fear making excessive comparisons, we would defend our idea by saying that the cerebral cortex is similar to a garden filled with innumerable trees, the pyramidal cells, which can multiply their branches thanks to intelligent cultivation, sending their roots deeper and producing more exquisite flowers and fruits every day.” (Cajal, 1894)

“Like the entomologist in search of colorful butterflies, my attention has chased in the gardens of the grey matter cells with delicate and elegant shapes, the mysterious butterflies of the soul, whose beating of wings may one day reveal to us the secrets of the mind.” (Cajal, 1901)

Pablo Garcia Lopez 2

Pablo Garcia Lopez 1



Pablo Garcia Lopez 5

Pablo Garcia Lopez 7

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