BITS – SciArt Film at the Toronto Urban Film Festival

In ALL, BITS by Julia Krolik

Canadian experimental artist duo Decomposing Pianos (Julia Krolik and Owen Fernley) teamed up with Canadian bioartist Elaine Whittaker to create a video titled Screened For. The one-minute silent film brings notorious pathogens to subway station platform screens across Toronto as part of this year’s Toronto Urban Film Festival.

“Film Credits: Artist: Elaine Whittaker Video: Decomposing Pianos Film Statement: Are we our diseases? Is the world a petri dish incubating the source of its ultimate destruction? Screened For is an algorithm-based video that displays fear of the viral, of the microbial and of impending pandemics in a new light. The artist is depicted wearing protective mouth and nose masks painted with an array of microbial infectious diseases such as Malaria, Tuberculosis, SARS and West Nile Virus. With eyes peering out tentatively, the viewer is confronted with questions: are the very devices we employ to protect ourselves providing the safety we need when faced with the rampant spread of infections and disease? What constitutes true protection? Can disease be truly beautiful? Ultimately, Screened For asks viewers to consider that fear and beauty reside in an uncomfortable dialectic, in this precarious time of contagions, epidemics and bioterrors.”

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Julia Krolik

Julia helps SciArt through Art the Science, wrangles data and makes SciArt through Pixels and Plans. She speaks passionately about the importance of visual communication in information sharing. She lives by this quote: "They are ill discoverers that think there is no land, when they can see nothing but sea." - Francis Bacon | Twitter: @yuliakrolik