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Harja Waheed‘s multimedia installation The Cyphers was recently exhibited at Canada’s National Art Gallery as part of the 2016 Sobey Award Finalists Exhibition. The Cyphers is a precise exhibition, with some works utilizing engineering drawings, each component is meticulously arranged and sub-components categorized.

“Harja Waheed creates videos, installations, drawings and collages, employing a wide range of found materials, including technical flight manuals, classified maps, government reports, associated press photographs and postcards. She approaches her practice from a historical and political perspective, exploring such social phenomena as government and corporate intrusion into private lives. In The Cyphers a large platform bears a number of metal objects that appear to have fallen from the sky, possibly as debris from an explosion. These unrecognizable fragments accompanied by drawings and collages, are imbued with violence, calling viewers to decipher and validate their presence. The display of these items conjure the notion that stories and events only exists if they are registered, recorded and recounted.” – curatorial statement, National Art Gallery

Photo credit: Julia Krolik, Art the Science

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