BITS – Vasily Kandinsky’s Geometric Abstract Art

In ALL, BITS by Julia Krolik

Russian painter Vasily Kandinsky is credited for creating the first abstract artworks. Kandinsky’s aesthetic is characterized by several artistic periods spanning his career, including his teaching position at the Bauhaus in Germany from 1922-1933.

During his time at the Bauhaus: “Kandinsky’s works again underwent changes: individual geometrical elements increasingly entered the foreground, his palette was sated with cold colour harmonies which, at times, are perceived as a dissonance, the circle is used differently, as a sensual symbol of perfect form.” – Oleg Ku

In this post, we feature Kandinsky’s geometrically-influenced works.

Around the Circle | 1940

Composition X | 1939

Reciprocal Accords | 1942

Composition VIII | 1923

Succession | 1935

Composition IX | 1936

Dominant Curve | 1936

Various Parts | 1940

Unequal | 1932

Shallow-Deep | 1930

Thirty | 1937

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