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BITS – Duality by Jody Rasch

In ALL, BITS by Alice Fleerackers

Images from electron microscopy, particle accelerators, and radio astronomy are beautifully transformed in sciartist Jody Rasch’s vibrant works. Some of his latest pieces are on view for the first time in Duality: Art + Science, an exhibit curated by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) as part of its Art of Science and Technology Program. The show is on view until February 1, 2019 at the AAAS’s gallery space in Washington, DC.

Rasch’s unique works toy with preconceptions about scale and colour, abstraction and representation, seen and unseen. Using a variety of techniques and media—from acrylic paint to pen and ink—he reveals stunning patterns within scientific images that would otherwise go unnoticed. The resulting works “look beyond what we see in the macro world of our daily lives” to question how we view, react to, and interact with information.

Can’t make it to the show? Lucky for you, we’re offering a sneak peak of Rasch’s latest creations right here on the Art the Science blog:

Bright blue amorphous blobs on a blue background
Deficiency – HIV by Jody Rasch, oil on canvas, 2005, 50” x 50” 4. Color
A bright red and blue enlargement of our rods and cones.
Color – Rods and Cones by Jody Rasch, acrylic on canvas, 2001, 60” x 48”
A vibrant blue and black image, semi abstract
Background Radiation by Jody Rasch, oil on canvas, 2009, 60” x 50”
Bright orange lines intersect this violent green canvas
Quantum Reality 2 by Jody Rasch, acrylic on canvas, 1996, 50” x 50”
Black and vertical white lines on a grey panel
Radium by Jody Rasch, acrylic on board, 2018, 18” x 36”
A chaotic blue and purple canvas of circular forms
Sweet – Diabetes by Jody Rasch, oil on canvas, 2007, 60” x 50”
A wild array of lines collide on this hot pink and purple panel
Particle Shower – Broken Symmetry by Jody Rasch, acrylic on paper, 1999, 30” x 22”
Grey panel of vertical lines
Co2 by Jody Rasch, graphite on paper, 2018, 55” x 60”
A blue and yellow panel, almost resembling pointalism
White Blood Cell 2 by Jody Rasch, oil on board, 2016, 45” x 45”

Duality: Art + Science is on view at the AAAS headquarters until February 1, 2019. Find out more about Jody Rasch at the Lamina Project, or check out his Creators post on the Art the Science blog.

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