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Fabian Oefner is a Switzerland-based artist whose work includes kinetic installations, photography, and film. In his installation Field of Sound, he explores the interactions between sound and motion, translating sonic waves into mesmerizing movement.

“Just like a field of barley waiving in the wind, thousands of illuminated stems move to the sound of music,” he explains. Using a control mechanism hidden at the base of the installation, Field of Sound “captures the ephemeral sound waves for a few seconds as motion and makes them visible and tangible.”

Viewers can experience the music’s pitch and intensity in new ways by witnessing the motion they induce. The result, Oefner writes, is “an emotional, poetic, and unique interpretation of sound.”

In this post, we’re highlighting a few of the most stunning moments in Field of Sound:




Field of Sound was created in collaboration with Simon Schubiger and Peugeot Design Lab. For more information, visit Studio Oefner’s website.

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