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In the vibrant city of Montreal lives Canada’s only gallery dedicated to artworks connecting art and science. Nestled with other contemporary artist studios and galleries in the Belgo Building off Saint-Catherine Street, the Visual Voice Gallery provides a unique stage for local and international science-art creators.

science art by Sarah Hatton

Bee Works by Sarah Hatton displayed in the gallery

microscopy-based science art

Within the “Sine Qua Non” exhibition, artist-researcher Günes-Hélène Isitan shows off her process by exposing photographic film with microscopic life

Gallery owner Bettina Forget first established the gallery back in 2007 as a launch pad for young talent by providing a space for contemporary dance performances, lectures, workshops, and film festivals. But as a visual artist, amateur astronomer, art educator, and researcher, she soon saw the need to dedicate a space for the intersection of art and science.

a poetry reading at the visual voice gallery

Poetry reading with Virginia Konchan

a science art workshop at the visual voice gallery

Goethe Colour Theory workshop

A workshop attendee makes some sciart at the moon mission workshop

Moon mission workshop

As an educator, she co-created and teaches the Convergence: Arts, Neuroscience, and Society course alongside Dr. Cristian Zaelzer-Perez, which promotes cross-discipline collaboration between neuroscience and art students at Concordia University. At the same time, she is pursuing a PhD examining how women and girls can connect with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) through art.

people visit the visual voice gallery

Convergence students from 2018-2019 cohort reveal their collaborative artworks at the gallery

gallery goers check out sciart at the visual voice gallery

24 heures de science event in collaboration with the BRaIN program, McGill University, Concordia University (Fine Arts Department) and the Canadian Association for Neuroscience

Along with art exhibitions, this gallery continues to be a versatile space for interdisciplinary talks, seminars and workshops blending the practice of art with themes of astronomy, taxidermy, extraterrestrial life, neuroscience and so much more. Here, visitors can step onto the bridge between art and science for a different way of thinking, learning, and exploration. If you should ever be in the neighbourhood, this is a spot you don’t want to miss!

2-D sciart on view at the Visual Voice Gallery

The Universal Artist…Experiments in Reality by the Dopamine Collective

Find out more about at the Visual Voice Gallery’s website, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Cat Lau

Cat is a former behavioural neuroscientist-turned-science communicator. She is passionate about integrating creative approaches in science communication and knowledge mobilization. For the past few years, Cat has held diverse roles as a science writer, amateur-artist, nomadic science outreach facilitator and knowledge translation coordinator. Her interest in art-based science communication inspired her research in Canadian organizations and programs that use interdisciplinary approaches to engage the public in the sciences. This led to her interest in the evaluation component of the Science-Artist Residency at Art the Science. Ultimately, she hopes to develop resources that will contribute to the growth of Canadian science-art culture. Twitter: @scicommcat