Our Science-Artist Residencies enable the artist to expand their practice in a scientific environment and gives the scientist a chance to share elements of their science through an innovative way with the public.

The residencies operate in three phases:

> Phase I informs the artist’s work through an immersive laboratory experience
> Phase II engages the local public through a physical exhibition off campus
> Phase III features an online global exhibition in the Polyfield Gallery

Art the Science offers two artist residency streams:

Science Artist Residency (available)

Data Artist Residency (in development)

Art the Science residencies are a novel opportunity for Canadian artists interested in, or inspired by science to expand their practice in a scientific framework. By collaborating with researchers and harnessing the power of data, Art the Science opens traditionally inaccessible research spaces and fields to the arts community. Our organization creates access for artists by helping lift barriers to scientific research.

We foster and facilitate collaborations between scientists and artists to help challenge, disrupt, and encourage cross-disciplinary innovation. Art the Science considers innovation to be a novel and disruptive process currently not utilized in traditional artistic practice. We believe that innovation thrives on collaboration, bringing together diverse groups to share knowledge and advance the art and science sectors for the benefit of the public. For Art the Science, this process embodies inclusion - the act of advocating for full participation of artists, scientists, and the general public at all levels.

Our pilot Science Artist Residency is completed!
When Dr. Kevin Mumford agreed to host an artist at his environmental engineering laboratory at Queen’s University, he expected a painter or sculptor to appear. Instead, creative coder Owen Fernley walked through the door, marking the beginning of what would become a surprising and memorable two weeks for the research group.

From March 19 to 30, 2018, Mumford hosted Fernley’s Science Artist Residency. This program, facilitated by Art the Science, immerses an artist in scientific research (Phase I), showcases the artwork inspired by the residency to the local community (Phase II), and shares a globally available version of the work online (Phase III). Fernley’s final work, Between the Sand, is now live in Art the Science’s digital Polyfield Gallery.
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Between the Sand in the >>> Polyfield Gallery <<< !
Between the Sand Timeline

Phase 1 | March 18-30, 2018

During this phase, the artist became an active independent member of the research group on a full-time basis for 2 weeks. This phase informed and inspired the artist’s work. Relevant safety training was provided.

Phase 2 | February 27, 2019

Phase II consisted of a local evening event where the academic research group and the artist engaged the local community through discussion and exhibition of work that resulted from the residency.

Phase 3 | December 5, 2020

For Phase III, the artist worked with Art the Science’s team to adapt their artwork for online exhibition. The artist was encouraged to consider creating an interactive work to engage a global online community.

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