Art the Science is a Canadian not-for-profit organization committed to celebrating the connections between art and science. Art the Science facilitates cross-disciplinary relationships between artists and scientists with a goal of fostering Canadian science-art culture. In doing so, we aim to advance scientific knowledge communication to benefit the public, while providing opportunities for artists to exhibit their work in unconventional and technologically innovative ways. By nurturing the expression of creativity, be it in a test-tube or with the stroke of a brush, Art the Science has become one of the most beloved and popular online SciArt (science + art) communities in the world. Since 2015, it has developed numerous digital SciArt exhibitions, launched its Science Artist Residency Program, and has highlighted the work of both pioneering and upcoming SciArt creators internationally. The organization also promotes the role of SciArt by conducting various outreach initiatives, including delivering lectures and keynote presentations designed to foster public engagement and a deeper appreciation of science and art.

Volunteer Run: Since 2015, Art the Science has been operating with the hard work and dedication of volunteer hours from our board and supporters. We have been busy generating evidence to show the impact and reach of our initiatives. We believe this evidence will help us secure financial support as we move forward.

Gaining Experience: We understand that gaining new skills can be difficult at the beginning of a career journey. Art the Science's volunteer culture is focused on providing valuable opportunities to help propel your desired skillset and ultimately your career. Joining our team means that the work you do is beneficial to you and to Art the Science.

Our Mission

We facilitate cross-disciplinary relationships between artists and scientists to foster Canadian science-art culture.

We advance scientific knowledge communication to benefit the public.

How We Achieve It

We facilitate artist residencies in scientific research laboratories across Canada.

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We host a digital SciArt gallery showcasing Canadian scientific and artistic excellence.

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We chronicle science-art and its cutting edge creators in Canada and around the world.

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