Between the Sand

Scientist: Dr. Kevin Mumford
Artist: Owen Fernley
Location: Queen’s University: Department of Civil Engineering

Residency Phase I is completed!


Our Science-Artist Residencies enable the artist to expand their practice in a scientific environment and gives the scientist a chance to communicate their science through an innovative way. The residencies operate in two phases: Phase I informs the artist’s work through an immersive laboratory experience and Phase II engages the public through physical and online exhibitions.

From March 19-29, 2018, Dr. Kevin Mumford’s environmental engineering research laboratory at Queen’s University hosted artist Owen Fernley for their first science-artist residency. Mumford’s research group is interested in how hazardous chemicals move in the natural environment and how they can be remediated. Fernley was immediately immersed in the research process from observing experiments to working alongside graduate students. He created preliminary research-based artworks to demonstrate his artistic process and will be revealing his final piece during Phase II.

Residency Gallery
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Upcoming Phase II Events
  • February 27th, 2019

    Digital Exhibition Launch & Panel Discussion
    Modern Fuel, Kingston, ON | 6pm-9pm

  • May 11th, 2019

    Science Rendezvous Interactive Installation
    Leon’s Centre, Kingston, ON | 10am-3pm