Polyfield Magazine welcomes submissions!

We feature work in the following categories: CREATORS (profiles), WORKS (exhibitions/artworks), and SPACES (any physical or online gallery/magazine/organization that is dedicated to the promotion of science-art).

Our content is shared in classrooms across the globe, therefore we do not publish nudity.

For CREATORS submissions, please email us your answers to the following questions along with supporting images (see image guidelines below). This is your chance to tell the world about your process and practice. Keep each answer concise (500 word maximum for each question), but please do not send us one-sentence answers either. We all love learning more about you and your work!

Which came first in your life, the science or the art?
Which sciences relate to your art practice?
What materials do you use to create your artworks?
Artwork/Exhibition you are most proud of:
Which scientists and/or artists inspire and/or have influenced you?
Is there anything else you want to tell us?

For WORKS and SPACES submissions:

When sending us your work, please make sure you grab our attention – do your best to make your proposal clear and concise. Send a brief email with a description of the work/space and attach a few relevant images (see image guidelines below). Be sure to include direct links to the projects/artists/scientists/galleries etc. in question.

Images must be sized to a minimum width of 1200px at 300 dpi (Note: GIFs must be less than 2000px wide)

Do not worry, we will read your email. Promise!
You will receive a response from the Art the Science team, if your submission aligns with our themes. Thank you for getting in touch!

Submissions can be sent to magazine [at] artthescience [dot] com.