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Art the Science is excited to announce that our beloved Blog is now Polyfield Magazine! Don’t worry — all of our articles are still here and browsable by type and topic. We’ve chosen to make this change to better reflect the quality and depth of the content we feature, of which we feel a magazine is more representative than a blog. 

Polyfield Magazine will continue to chronicle the cutting-edge work of SciArtists, cover events, and report on our residency program. We will also explore in depth science-art topics to promote knowledge sharing, creative innovation, and an enriched understanding of both disciplines and, by extension, the world. We are committed to bringing the public high quality SciArt content and celebrating its unique means of artistic expression and/or science communication. With this revamp, we hope to make SciArt accessible to even more people and push the boundaries of our content.

This change is in tandem with Art the Science’s development of our Polyfield brand, which already included our virtual gallery and now includes our magazine. (In case you’re curious, “polyfield” references Art the Science’s interdisciplinary focus, with “poly” meaning “many” and “field” meaning “area of work”.)

So welcome, or welcome back, and happy reading!

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