About the Author

Celia Du

Celia Du is a science communicator and graduate of University of Edinburgh and McGill University. Though she has a degree in chemistry, she was always more interested in the spectrum of colours her experiments produced rather than the results themselves. Formerly known as Professor Cesium, she engaged children and families with science through demonstrations and hands on workshops, and has worked at Camera Obscura & World of Illusions and Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. For her MSc dissertation, she developed a pilot video series about a day in the life of women in STEM and evaluated its appeal and impact for social media users. She also co-created the Science team for Edinburgh University TV and developed an exhibit for the University's Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability that was displayed at its Sustainability Awards ceremony, the Edinburgh International Science Festival and the University's Planetary Health Conference. Celia is passionate about creatively engaging people of all ages and backgrounds with science and has always had a soft spot for the visual arts. Follow her on Twitter or on Instagram.