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Name: Scott McIntire

Which came first in your life, the science or the art?

I grew up in Salem Oregon a very bio rich area in the Willamette valley surrounded by farms and nature. I started collecting bugs in Grade School and begin studying Art when I was in High School. After graduating from PSU in Portland I begin showing in Museums and Galliers in the Portland area. In my early 30’s I got my first DSL camera and used it to pursue my interest in the beauty of nature and study of wildlife.

Scott McIntire

Black Tulip & Mason Wasp

Scott McIntire

Day Lily & Locust Borer Beetle

Which sciences relate to your art practice?

Without a doubt Biology and what is now the area of Environmental Studies.

Scott McIntire

InSearch of Balance

Scott McIntire

Poppy & Blue Dasher

What do you use to create your artworks?

Early in my career I was interested in Op Art but quickly moved on to Photorealism using my photos as reference. Around 2005 I begin to lose interest in just straight realism. Still working from photos I begin to put “energy fields” around the painted object. My goal was to make the invisible visible by imaging cellular transmissions, radio waves, sounds and the human manipulation of our environment.

Scott McIntire

Ruby Meadowhawk

Scott McIntire

Orange Bluet on Bittersweet

Artwork/Exhibition you are most proud of:

My show at the Peter Marcelle Project late last year.

Scott McIntire

Fear of Fracking

Scott McIntire

Morning Glory & Long-Legged Fly

Is there anything else you want to tell us?

There are certain elements in my paintings that often reappear.

Color bars are my way of telling the viewer that my paintings are also about my personal palette of colors. I use water based enamel paint because it gives a color saturation, color depth and variety of hues that I am after. Having studied with the colorist Albert King and designing fabric patterns I learned how to mix and recognize the subtle differences of literally thousands of colors.

Concentric circles come from my past interest in Op Art. I use them to project energy on the painting surface. I will often use colors of the same value to enhance the vibration effect and create visual movement.

Scott McIntire

The Pollinator

Scott McIntire

Toad Lily & Green Metallic Bee

Artist links: FacebookEnergy Field PaintingsEast End Icons

I am working on a 10 year photo project to record all of the Mammals, Birds and Insects found on my ¼ acre property on Long Island: Backyard Project

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