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Name: Monica Ferreras De la Maza

Which came first in your life, the science or the art?

Definitely the art. Since I was a kid, I loved to draw. Perhaps this sounds like a cliché, but it is the truth. I remember well when my mother bought me some brushes and watercolours for kids, and I just loved it. The last two years of high school I took some art and silkscreen classes as well.

Monica Ferreras De la Maza

You Never Know I

Monica Ferreras De la Maza

You Never Know III

Which sciences relate to your practice?

I can relate my work to evolutionary biology. Although I am not a scientist, I believe my work relates to science at an intuitive level. One can see this in a formal and conceptual way. I use organic forms, like cell shapes or micro organisms in my 2D works.

I am completely fascinated by how everything is connected in nature. How all of us are apart of this huge system of giving and taking, and how we depend on each other.

When I create I am always open to the possibilities of the unknown and how the unknown does reveal to me, little by little. my next steps. This stage is what I call: “the piece is talking to me and telling me to respect it’s own individuality.” From what I understand, scientists are always confronted by the unknown and they have to keep an open mind about it.

Monica Ferreras De la Maza

Very Old Connections

Monica Ferreras De la Maza

Love Connections

What materials do you use to create your art works?

I am totally open when it comes to materials or mediums, but my favourites are watercolours, color pencils, and ink. I like to use all of them together to create a mixed media artwork on paper. I also like acrylic a lot, because of its versatility as a medium.

Generally, I shift from acrylic painting to mixed drawing, and from time to time I do video-art and installations as well. One thing I like about making video-art and installations is that the artist works with other people. The contrary happens when I am painting or I am drawing, because I have to be alone most of the time to be able to focus.

Monica Ferreras De la Maza

About Love II

Monica Ferreras De la Maza


Art work / exhibit are you most proud of:

In 2013, I was selected as the first Dominican artist to do a three month residency at the International Studies and Curatorial Program in Brooklyn, NY, granted by the Davidoff Art Initiative.

In 2010, I won one of the three equal prizes awarded by the XXIII Concurso de Arte E. Leon Jimenes. This is the most prestigious art biennial award in the Dominican Republic. The process is very long and difficult. Once the artists are selected they go through months of developing their projects accompanied by three curators, two of which are renowned internationalally, and the other locally. The year I won, 131 art projects were submitted, ten were selected and three won awards.

Currently, I am in residence in Shanghai, China as apart of a grant by the Australia China Art Foundation. I am proud, because this is the first time the ACAF has granted a residency to an artist outside of Australia and China.

Monica Ferreras De la Maza


Monica Ferreras De la Maza

Speak Out

Which scientists and/or artists inspire and/or have influenced you?

Einstein, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Carl Jung, Brian Farrell Matisse, Paul Klee, J. Pollock, Bill Viola, Pipilotti Rist, Peter Doig, Gerhard Richter, Zhang Yimou.

Monica Ferreras De la Maza

White to White

Monica Ferreras De la Maza

All You Need is Love

Is there anything else you want to tell us?

I believe art can borrow a lot from science conceptually and formally speaking. In the future, I look forward to expanding my scientific knowledge to influence my creative work.

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